The Well

At the surface of the city with its noises of traffic, music and amplified voices, we put our ear to the ground and descend into the depths of a hidden city. A city of holes, pipes, wells and tunnels, but also layers of history, hidden power structures, clandestine economies, fault lines in the bedrock, the dreams and hopes of its inhabitants.

The Well is constructed from sounds recorded in Istanbul: voices, machines, footsteps, tunnels, but also bronze cymbals and electric guitars. But it is not purely phonographic, it's a personal journey through layers of narrative, memory, sounds and music - an attempt to uncover the secret well that lies deep under the city.

17 audio tracks, total time 53 minutes.
The Well was originally published on CD and given away free to visitors to the 10th Istanbul Biennial exhibition.

High quality downloads and streaming available from Bandcamp.

Download also includes the artwork as a pdf file.

Download The Well