The Mosques of Tanger

Originally released on Staalplaat, it contains a single recording of the mosques of Tanger at sunrise. Recorded high up on a rooftop, the calls from the many different mosques mix and resonate as they cross the city.

length 20'36".

The remastered download is now available on Bandcamp for 2 euros.


Review by Clive Bell in The Wire Magazine.

Record of the month, no question. Released on miniature 3" CD - after the 12" single my favourite format - this is 20 minutes of North African muezzins calling the faithful to prayer through their lo-fi mosque-top PA systems. It begins and ends with Mediterranean dawn ambience, cicadas and cockerels. We hear the first call, maybe a mile away; gradually other calls are layer in, but the best moments are to do with the eerie beauty of sound heard at a great distance. Presumably the recordist, Justin Bennett, has discreetly stitched the whole thing together from several recordings. The ear can roam freely though the soundscape rather like exploring a city on foot, enjoying aural accidents.