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We publish soundworks on analogue and digital media.

Here is our current stock list, including releases by BMB con., Justin Bennett and related products.

Digital downloads now available via Bandcamp Click on the products below for more information, or to order. This site is connected to the PayPal System which allows you to pay from your bank account or credit card. If you are not a member of PayPal you will be asked to register first. After selecting the products that you require you can "view your Cart" here to check your order before sending it. We will try to send your order off within one week after receiving payment, but maybe we will be in the middle of the desert or up to our knees in mud somewhere, so be patient. If it's going to be longer - we'll warn you by email. All prices are inclusive postage and packing to wherever (except for the book which is heavy!).

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Shops and distributors please contact us via spore"at"bmbcon.demon.nl

Recent Releases

BMB con. MC04 Cassette 4 1993
Digital Re-release of BMB con. cassette number 4!

BMB con. MC03 Sexbierum 1993
Digital Re-release of BMB con. cassette number 3!

spore LP001 Chipka 2011
Special edition vinyl release.

Shotgun Architecture. 2008
10" vinyl packaged in a foldout poster.
Now available direct from Spore

spore DL002 The Well 2007
re-issue of The Well as a FREE download (sept 2010)

The City Amplified
published 2009 on occasion of the Ouborg prize.

spore DL001 Ovipool.
Live recording from the 2003 Sonicity festival, Rome.
now available as a free download - 2009

The Mosques of Tanger
re-issue as a free download - 2009

sporecd007 Wildlife. 2008
40 minutes, 16 tracks based on recordings made in zoos, botanical gardens and other sites on the border between culture and nature. Packed in an A2 photographic poster. Limited edition of 300.

spore releases

spore EP001 Beirut Story. 10" vinyl limited edition.

sporecd007 Wildlife. 2008 Limited edition CD

sporecd006 / DL002 The Well 2007

sporecd005 Noise Map CD

sporecd004 "Magnetic City" CD

spore CD003 "Ocean" (endless sound 2) CDR

spore CD002 "Dervish" (endless sound 1) CDR

spore CD001 "Demolitions"

Noise Map, an artists book by Justin Bennett.
Sold out but available as free download

other releases by/with Justin Bennett

Cacerolada / Cleavage of Acoustics 12" LP
A Split LP with Toshiya Tsunoda on the Mixer Label.

The Mosques of Tanger - free download

STCD 121 Cityscape CD-Extra

Unsounds03 Grand Mal: Perfect Fit CD

Kraakgeluiden Document 1. CD on Unsounds

Surround Music. DVD-Audio on ZKM/Wergo
Alvin Lucier, Ludger Brümmer, Justin Bennett, Nicolas Collins, Kaffe Matthews, Scanner, Anne Wellmer, Zeitblom.

Idroscalo d'autore compilation CD

per009 MIMEO CD

INT013 Variious CD

B M B con. releases

Video8 hour-long VHS cassette

BMBcon#10 full-length CD

Sound Mirror CD-R limited edition single

BMBcon#9 cd-single

BMBcon#8 cd-single

BMBcon#7 cd-single

BMB con. MC03 Sexbierum 1993
Digital Re-release of BMB con. cassette number 3!

Sonambiente (ik mag er niet in) 12" LP picturedisc.

other places to find spore releases.

in the USA: mail order from Intransitive Recordings
in The Netherlands:Worm Shop in Rotterdam / Stroom Den Haag / Artists Books Johan Deumens in Haarlem
in the UK (for books):Fine Art Catalogues.Ltd
in España - mail order: Arsonal.