B M B con. #10 CD

sounds like:

1. climbing an electric fence 5'29"
2. der Leierman leads the way 5' 52"
3. fabricated evidence 4'19"
4. measuring 5'09" underwater 5'09"
5. bong: spring cleaning! 2"18"
6. pets munching leaf mould 6'56"
7. stalen platen, zand erover 3'04"
8. wire brushes, grilled 6'54"

a full-length studio CD from BMB con.
Recorded in Scheveningen 2002-03.

Price = 10 EUROS incl. postage and packing.

from VITAL: 7/8/03
BMB CON - #10 (CD by BMBCD) Maybe you didn't keep up with the BMB con - but don't worry: I did, simply because I am fan. '#10' is the first studio CD, after a bunch of cassettes and a series of three inch CDs for Staalplaat ('#7', '#8' and '#9'). Up until now much of their output was a registration of their performances. These are always site specific, involving the space, the performers and the audience, using sound of concrete elements (rolling balls or making popcorn for instance) in a more theatrical way. For their first studio CD, the working method is the same (they claim). 'BMB con set up a series of sound systems which had their own complex life, and these recordings are the result of the three performers playing with, interrupting and attempting to control these systems' - and what follows is a list of sounds used. Highlights: high voltgae spark gap transmitters, crampons, sand, leaves and dirt, bacteria and a drowning microphone. They also list a couple of synths... Their first studio is indeed a different affair then their previous live CDs. The sound is more concentrated, evolving round a small number of sound sources per track. A highly concrete sound elements per track, including cracks and hisses (knowing that this time it doesn't come from a laptop). In some pieces one senses the controlled live in studio element - which sadly also results at times in a lesser sound quality (room recordings made with a microphone, such as in 'Pets Munching Leaf Mould', the weakest brother here). However that is not always the case. Throughout these eight pieces, there are some fine pieces, like 'Der Leierman Leads The Way' - with the processed sounds of a music box (and probably found it's inspiration in Dick Raaymakers' previous work around Schubert 'Leierman' song) or 'Wire Brushes, Grilled' - many of these pieces actually describe the process of the sounds. Just like Thu 20 (another Dutch electro-acoustic group, as opposed to the usual solo composer), BMB con is a very down to earth group in which the results counts and there is no bull-shitting about. Overall a well done CD! (Frans de Waard)